Style is so passé: it limits one's ability to innovate, and ultimately it narrows a design process to a mere copy. We look to discover a new identity in each project, highlighting our cleints' individual qualities. Finally, we invite everyone to read into our projects the way they feel


Like a speakeasy bartender, we carefully study our clients' needs, searching to provide them a special and unique experience. Like Sherlock Holmes, we focus not only on the obvious, but get excited by the unexpected, allowing for break-through concepts to emerge. No client of ours deserves to be someone else's copy!


We use cutting edge technology, including animations and virtual reality, as well as championed model-making skills and digital fabrication, to help clients visualize our design solutions. No matter the project stage, we constantly focus on clients' goals, and beyond


We get our job done, and we are proud of it. Work (in Montenegrin: 'RAD') is part of RADDAR's DNA. Contrary to many design consultants who just talk, we also walk our talk


We take charge of Quality Assurance, because we care the most for clients' needs, understand best the overall design & construction, and we know the tricks that each party may attempt to use. We ensure a smooth and flawless project delivery to our clients within an agreed period


We ensure that our clients have a full overview of the project at any moment, so that they can be aware of the project progress as well as payment deadlines.